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December 11, 2006



Rule number one is the key to better/safer healthcare.....Opening the lines of communication between patient-doctor-pharmacist will likely catch any mistakes that can happen. And mistakes CAN happen when humans are involved. Having multiple healthcare team members will increase the chances of preventing/catching those mistakes.

If a patient doesn't find the opportunity to ask his/her physician a question, then the pharmacist is to serve as their liaison to providing the information. It is crucial that questions be directed to the pharmacist, not a technician. Even if the pharmacist seems busy, don't hesitate in asking a question. They will stop everything in an urgent situation or they can always call you back in a non-urgent circumstance. If your pharmacist makes you feel they are too busy for your question, then call a different pharmacy......there are too many pharmacists who care about providing optimal healthcare to settle for one who does not.

We can only hope that the tragic ending to this story encourages other pharmacy personnel to review their current processes and to identify how their behavior can help prevent such situations.

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